Monday, 4 November 2013

Trying my hand at quilting...

 This house is so cold, especially in bed at night.  I had a pair of old curtains that had the bottoms cut off.  They are quite thick and lined with a batting.  They are too small for the windows in this house so I thought I would cut them up and quilt them.
 Batting from the lining.
 I managed to cut a lot of squares and strips and added some darker fabric from an old fabric sampler book.  I then stitched each square to two strips to make a big square.

With only using a 12 inch ruler and set square I chopped away and stitched bits together.  I set them out so the darker ones were in the middle and the lighter ones around the edge.  Added the batting (there wasn't enough so had to buy some more), and backed with an old duvet cover.
Ta dah!  Finished and in situ.  Dolly likes it anyway.  Not bad for just a quick go anyway.  I have made a small one for Dolly for the couch.  Next job to do a proper one lol.

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