Thursday, 6 September 2012

While sorting my workroom/studio out I came across a nearly finished jumper.  I thought only cats destroyed knitting, but Dolly has been having some fun.  Luckily its only the ball of wool and not the jumper!
 As my dog patterns haven't arrived yet I have started on my next knitting order, my daughter wants a pink jacket for Christmas, is this pink enough lol.
I have also had an order for another knitted poncho style jumper, this one will also be in pink.  What is it with pink lately, everything seems to be wanted in pink!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Finished Jumper

I have finished Fem's Jumper.  I thought I should get cracking now the colder weather is approaching.  Photo does not do it justice really, its a poncho style jumper. I just hope she likes it or I will be selling it and making something else lol.
I have some orders for dog coats, so I will start on those and leave Christmas present knitting for now.