Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Surprise

I have been crippled with my back since Friday and haven't been in my workroom.  I went in this morning to put some post in there and my plant is in flower. What a lovely surprise to cheer me up.
 Took a close up of the flower itself, so beautiful.
And yet another surprise, I have a visitor looking in the window!  I have a small balcony and Hunny's hutch backs onto the flat, just as well if she can get up on it.  You can see my lovely Perris in bloom and my pansies in milk bottle bottoms for pots.

Monday, 2 April 2012

More Embellished Hangings

For some reason I cannot rotate my pictures.  I should have done this before I added my name in the middle lol.

This first one simply Love.

 And this one is Under the Sea.

Four Seasons

I completed these earlier this year. It's a set of four small hangings entitled The Four Seasons.  I have used my embellisher to make the background using paper and fabric.  I have then added ribbons and embroidered over the top to finish.

The first one is Autumn or Fall.

The second is Spring.

The third is Summer.

And finally Winter.