Friday, 30 March 2012

And for the Men....

I also had a request for an ipad bag without the 'girlie' handles; and the mens ipad bag was produced.  Its just a wallet style with metalic fastenings and the key ring holder.

 This shows the inside, like the ladies, these are all numbered and individually made.  No two alike.

These are also suitable for either sex.
A bit blurred, but work in progress.

Lets get this show on the road....

At last things are starting to get into place and set up.   I have a new studio/workroom at my flat where I am now working.  I will try and keep this updated and interesting.  First off my labels have been made for my bags.
These are all ladies ipad bags.  I made a raggy ipad bag for myself and everybody loved them and that's how it all started.  So this is just a selection of some of the bags I have made.  Its been an ongoing learning experience as I do things different and try different things.  Most of these have already been sold but I do have a few left; which I am hoping to sell at craft fayres later this year.  Photographs don't really do them justice as they are all photographed in my old kitchen.